Noticejob.com is a productive job board which emphasizes job seeker to search, apply and attain job according to the skill sets.
In Noticejob.com you can create a basic profile, video profile and can send endorsements which boost your previous job achievements. All this can be made only by registering with Noticejob.com as a user.
Just go to signup page and fill in your details and verify your EMAIL ID and login to your account.
Just click the upload icon beside Mobile number tab and browse the folder in which the resume exists, select the file and click open. You can select any of the following document formats .doc,.docx,.rtf,.pdf
We only send messages and emails which are helpful to boost your job search. Please check Privacy section for more information.
Navigate to change password section in the settings menu of your personal dashboard. Input your old password along with your new password and click submit.
Just click the EDIT MY PROFILE button in the My profile menu of your personal dashboard and start filling the details in each section. Please fill all the mandatory fields so that your profile can be viewed by more Employers. Also you can check your profile strength in your my profile section.
After logging into your personal dashboard click on SEARCH A JOB and start inputting the filter criteria you are interested in and you can see the list of jobs as per your search criteria.
Just click on view button beside each job which opens full view of eacch job in new tab.
The best resume is visual representation of your general resume. You can create your resume by adding all your personal and professional details. Along with this you need to create a Video profile ( 2 min short description about yourself and your professional history) and endorsement( Recommendation or endorsing your skills by your previous colleagues or friends)
Video profile is an opportunity to jobseekers to communicate directly with employers. You can share your skills which cant be written in words by using video profile . Employers view profiles having good video resume.
Please follow the section "How to make an effective video resume?" for helpful information
After creating your video profile just go to -->video profile tab and browse your video and click upload button. Within 24 hrs your video will be displayed in your profile after approval. Please follow "How to make an effective video resume?" to upload your video.
Employers who create their profiles and purchases any paid plans can access your profile for a job proposal according to the plan features
You can access the company profile in profiles viewed by section under jobs menu. Also you can view employer profile/company profile in each full job details view
You can apply for the job by viewing the latest job openings and click " Apply" button.
Directly click on CREATE ALERT in your dashboard, fill in the required fields and click submit. This alert will be saved and we will send you emails when a job matches your alert criteria.
In your dashboard, you have the option button "stop sending alerts" to stop sending job alerts. This stops the services of sending job alerts through emails.
For elevating the job search use most common keywords to find the appropriate job match.
Yes you can apply for as many jobs as you can.
The seeker will have a provision to view his past applied jobs list in this section.


Currently, Job posting is free for registered and verified employers
Job Ref ID is the reference id given by employers to identify and differentiate the job postings. It also helps jobseekers to differentiate between jobs.
Get creating valid and verified account go to post a job section>> add all the details in fields >> click post job> your job will be live in less few minutes.
  1. The video may not be properly uploaded
  2. The video may not be clear/blurred
  3. The video record limit is exceeded.
  4. If there is non-relevancy of the video.
  5. If the video is not all uploaded.
  6. Your flash player is not working.
Saved candidates will remain in your dashboard till you delete them
You can view job responses for posted jobs in Posted jobs section under job responses. You can also view by clicking job responses directly.